Serenity + Abundance Ketubah with Miller Text

Serenity + Abundance Ketubah with Miller Text


This watercolor border, done by my daughter Annie Aqua, is inspired by West Coast succulents and greenery-- lively and abundant, it adds tasteful color and a sense of serenity to any home.

The “Miller” text is a modern egalitarian ketubah text that has been professionally translated into Hebrew. The Hebrew and English are written on alternate lines, with the letters touching in places for a subtle effect of intertwining. It can be adapted for same-sex and/or mixed-heritage couples.

The handwritten texts are what make our ketubot unique among printed ketubot. This is a print, of course, but the original lettering was created by hand with a metal-nibbed pen and India ink (not typeset!) and the details I fill in about you will be done the same way.

The finished ketubah is about 17" square, an archival inkjet print on velvet rag paper. I'll ship it to you rolled in a tube along with some directions for signing, protecting and displaying it.

When you place your order, I will set up a googledoc on which you can enter all your details. I then bring your details into the file, taking care that the size and spacing look natural and of-a-piece with the surrounding text.

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