Rainbow Ketubah with Goodman Text

Rainbow Ketubah with Goodman Text


I don't know if there is any research to support this, but I believe rainbows--and rainbow designs--have healing power. The perception of all the colors of the specturm blending seamlessly together seems to create excitement and positive energy in the perceiver.

It's shown here with "Goodman," a modern egalitarian ketubah text that has been professionally translated into Hebrew. It works fine for non-Jewish or mixed-faith couples, and it can be adapted for same-sex couples.

The handwritten texts are what make my ketubot unique among printed ketubot. This is a print, of course, but the original lettering was created by hand with a metal-nibbed pen and India ink (not typeset!) and the details I fill in about you will be done the same way. I then bring your details into the file, taking care that the size and spacing look natural and of-a-piece with the surrounding text.

The finished ketubah is about 17" square, an archival inkjet print on velvet rag paper. I'll ship it to you rolled in a tube along with some directions for signing, protecting and displaying it.

When you place your order, I will set up a googledoc on which you can enter all your details.

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