Custom Ketubahs (Ketubot)

How do we order a custom ketubah?

First, we meet.

The design process starts with our meeting (in person if you're local to the Denver area, otherwise by phone or video app) to figure out what you'd like your ketubah to be. We might start by looking at some examples of other ketubot I've done to help focus on what you like and don't like. I'll also want to learn about the two of you: your stories, your interests, your "themes" or values, your tastes, etc. We'll talk about art styles, colors, and size, and we'll determine the scope and budget of your ketubah based on the guidelines below.

Next, I sketch.

When I feel like I have a handle on what you'd like, over the next few weeks, I prepare a sketch for you, while you work on your text (I can help with some examples and guidance) and collect your Hebrew names if you don't know them already. We meet one more time (unless more are needed) to review the sketch and make any changes necessary. At that time I collect a deposit from you for half the estimated total.

And voila.

Then I finish the ketubah in time for your wedding. I give it or ship it to you taped to a foam board with a clear protective sheet over it, ready to sign and display. The balance of the cost is due when you pick it up, or before I ship it to you.

What does a custom ketubah cost?

Quick answer: between $600 and $1600. The price depends on the following factors:

1. amount of text
2. amount of art
3. overall size and complexity

My least expensive handmade ketubah is $600. It is black and white and has a fairly simple design but lots of interesting details. You can order it from etsy here, or just contact me to start the order-and-design process.

At the other end of the price range, a large 21" x 21" ketubah with around 400 words of text (including both English and Hebrew) and lots of art, custom designed for you, would run $1500-$1600.

And then there would be everything in between $600 and $1600. The examples on this page run the gamut of price ranges, in no particular order.

I also have ketubah prints starting at $275 or so. 

If you'd like to start the process of designing your ketubah, or if you have any questions, please email me at