I'm Risa.

Welcome to my studio! I'm a watercolor artist, calligrapher, designer, and teacher.

Most of this site is devoted to ketubot (the plural of ketubah, or decorated wedding vows). I’ve done well over 300 custom ketubot (marriage contracts or vows) for clients from coast to coast, including same-sex, mixed-heritage and non-Jewish couples.

I also have many printed ketubot that really look homemade since I do all the lettering by hand, instead of using typeset text like on most printed ketubot you'll find.

I also specialize in the following:

Colorful prints that can be personalized

You'll find some here, and also check out my Etsy shop--you'll find art for all occasions, including text- or scripture-based art and intentions.

Joyful commissioned art for individuals and families

Think big birthdays and anniversary commemorations, new babies, bar- and bat mitzvahs, and new homes. Check out some examples here, or contact me to start the process.

Celebratory symbolic work for organizations

Think event invitations, honoree gifts, and other event-related art). Check out some examples here, or contact me to figure out how artwork can help convey the message of your organization.

Other art and design

I post somewhat-daily abstract mini-watercolors  on Instagram at @mother_the_risa, and calligraphy work at @risaaquastudio. I also love to do photo collages and digital portraits--contact me to commission one for you!